Winter Training – Dressing for the Run


What I currently wear to run!
What I currently wear to run!

I am going to be training for spring and summer races during the winter and I have to dress in layers.  Dressing this way will help me regulate my body temperature as I run.  My first winter training run I overdressed and became overheated by the end of the run.  I had dressed for the weather not the run.  I failed to take into consideration that I would warm up as the run progressed. I was HOT!

I run early in the morning so the temperatures are rather low when I start.  I’ve run in single digit weather and I was worried about not being warm enough. My first run was around 12 degrees or so.  I was a novice and I did not know what to expect.  I planned for the worst and was hoping for the best.

I had on 3 shirts, a jacket, and 2 pairs of pants, gloves, hat, and ear warmers.  I was warm when I started and felt like I was boiling when it ended. Panting like a dog, gasping for air and in need of water.  What had I done?  Was I trying to internally cook myself?  I got to the car and started stripping right away.  I had a few onlookers watching my striptease.  I did not care I was trying to cool down, not put on a show.  I have since learned from that.  I dress in layers.

When I run this winter I will dress accordingly.  I have thermal compression pants and shirt, a jacket and vest.  I am a little chilly when I start running but the end of the run my temperature is regulated.  NO striptease necessary!


My go-to running pants. Zebra.

Do you train in the winter for warm weather races? If so, how do you dress for your runs?

~Fran, @Flash_Fran

Francine has a love of family, fitness, fashion and fun.  She is on a journey to become a better runner, eat healthier, get fit as a family and show off her fashion sense all while having fun.  She is the mother of 2 boys, works full-time and is a recent grad. She believes that Hard Work = Results and staying Positive gets you there. 

4 thoughts on “Winter Training – Dressing for the Run

  1. LOVE the zebra pants!!!

    I too have made the mistake of dressing too warm! It makes you feel woozy. I absolutely love the dryfit material. I always wear gear that’s made of that when I run in the cold. It cuts the wind and wicks the sweat.

  2. I usually wear a layer or two fewer than my running buddies because I get so warm so quickly. The most I’ve needed so far this year running in the upper 20s) was tights, a thick shirt and light vest, plus ear warmers and gloves.

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