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Wear Jeans To Support Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals

The dress code at my office is usually “business casual,” but some Fridays we have a “Jeans Day” where we can wear jeans to support a charity. This week I am sponsoring Jeans  Day and accepting donations for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals through my Credit Union Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run donations page.

Wear Jeans To Support CMNH

Making a $5 donation for the simple pleasure of wearing jeans to work can help defray costs like these:

  • $0.42 for one Wee Pee sized diaper, for neonates weighing less than 800 grams. ($150.48/1 case, case=360 diapers)
  • $0.50 for one Preemie sized diaper, for neonates weighing up to 4 pounds.
  • $1.08 for one Size 1 blood pressure cuff for the smallest children.
  • $4.00 for one baby blanket in the Neonatal and Infant Critical Care Unit.

That’s right, one $5 donation can cover 10 Preemie sized diapers! And when it’s this cold outside, who can resist making a donation that would cover the cost of a baby blanket?

If you are allowed to wear jeans to work on Friday (or if you work at home and set your own dress code!), I’d love it if you would join my Jeans Day and support Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals through my donations page here. If you can’t wear jeans but still want to participate, you could wear cherry blossom pink instead.

If you have a friend who has entered the Credit Union Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run as a charity participant you can look up their donation page here. This Saturday, February 28, is the deadline for reaching the minimum fundraising goal, so your donation now could really make a difference!  

I’m challenging my fellow Credit Union Cherry Blossom Social Runners and Bloggers to make a donation through their own pages if they can wear jeans to work on Friday. 😉