Spring Fever!

Can you believe that the Credit Union Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run is just four weeks away? It’s been a long, cold winter, but spring is coming, and the cherry blossoms won’t be far behind. In fact, the National Park Service announced its prediction for the peak bloom dates, and they fall right around race day!

Hains Point Cherry Blossoms

I’ve always struggled with the Hains Point portion of the course, but if the trees look like this on race day, I think they would lift my spirits!

The spring weather is a reminder to start thinking about what you want to wear on race day. The race shirt design is fantastic, but it may not be the best option. First, you shouldn’t wear something new on race day. Second, some runners think it’s bad luck (or bad form?) to wear a race shirt until you’ve actually finished. Perhaps most importantly,  because a lot of people will wear the race shirt, wearing it yourself will make it hard for your friends, family and fans to pick you out and cheer you on!

It’s usually 40-50 °F at race time, which I consider perfect for running. It can feel pretty chilly before the start, though, so I like to dress in layers, wearing a t-shirt and shorts under a throw-away sweatshirt and sweatpants I can leave at the starting line. Arm warmers are another popular option, and are much easier to take off mid-race than a long-sleeve shirt or jacket! I usually race in compression socks or sleeves, and already have a pair in cherry blossom pink!  A hat and sun glasses are other essentials that are easy to forget when you head out at dawn.

If you need more help figuring out what to wear, our sponsors Potomac River Running and New Balance have lots of good ideas and great options for race day gear.

~ Courtenay
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Are you ready for spring?

How is your training going?

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