How To Get Lucky On Race Day

Whether or not you have a personal reason to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, every runner could use a bit of the luck of the Irish on race day. In that spirit, we are sharing the tips, tricks and rituals that make us feel lucky on race day.

How To Get Lucky On Race Day

Holly uses a favorite song to get lucky on race day

Before a race I always always always have to listen to “Born to Run” by Bruce Springsteen to pump me up. It really encourages me to start out strong.

Kim has one rule for getting lucky on race day

My rule for a lucky race is “nothing new on race day”. That means fueling with brands and flavors that were tested on a training run (there will be Gatorade on the Cherry Blossom course), and wearing clothes and gear that were tested on a training run — save that great expo find for after the race!

Kim's Lucky Outfit

Kim’s Lucky Race Day Outfit

Heather Has One Superstition For Good Luck On Race Day

I have a race day superstition of not wearing the race shirt until after the race. I feel like I have to earn it and I don’t want to jinx myself!
We got to preview the 2017 race shirts at the fall kick-off party!

Coco Uses The Good Luck Box To Get Lucky On Race Day

There’s a saying that “Luck is what happens when preparation meet opportunity.” To quell race day jitters, I remind myself of all the preparation I’ve put in, and tell myself “I’ve Got This.” That’s the same slogan you’ll find in the Good Luck Box, which is a gift box filled with handpicked items from running experts designed to give you an edge on race day.

Good Luck BoxPreview of the 2017 CUCB Good Luck Box at the fall kick-off party.
Read a review of the 2016 CUCB Good Luck Box here.
Find out more and order a 2017 CUCB Good Luck Box here.

The motivational message, fun fuel, and other bling will make any runner feel lucky on race day.

How do you get lucky on race day?

One thought on “How To Get Lucky On Race Day

  1. I totally agree with not using new race products on race day–you don’t want something to go wrong or not sit well with you! And, like Heather, I subconsciously don’t wear my shirt until after I race…just makes it feel special that way!

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