Cherry Blossom Training – One Month To Go!

We are now exactly one month away from the Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10 Mile Run!  Are you excited?

Whether you’ve been running 2 days a week or 7 days a week, every training run has been preparing you for the big race, and these last few weeks are crucial!  Check out a few tips on what you can do  in this final month to ensure you’ll be smiling at the finish line on April 3! 

My Weekly Training Routine


I’ve been using the Intermediate Virtual Training Plan this year for the Cherry Blossom Run. While the plan calls for 5 days of running a week, I’ve been  running 4 days a week with 2 easy runs, one speedy run, and one long run.  It’s been interesting using a different training plan as it has definitely kept me on my toes!

In addition to running, I also take several fitness classes at work.  I’m enjoying the strength that I’m building by taking yoga, boot camp, and weight training classes.  Here’s a look at a typical weekly training routine:

Mondays:   Yoga at lunch, Boot Camp in the evening.

Tuesdays:  Rest Day or Speed Work (3-5 miles).

Wednesdays:  Speed Work or Easy Run (3-5 miles).

Thursdays:  Weight training class.

Fridays:  Rest Day.

Saturdays:  Long Run  (6-11 miles).

Sundays:  Easy Run (3-4 miles).

How To Prepare for Your Last Month of Race Training

The Cherry Blossom Run is right around the corner, and while a bulk of the hard work is complete, there’s still so many important runs left that you want to finish strong in your training!  Now isn’t the time to slack!

Here are a few things that are important to remember as we wind down and get closer to the big race:

  • Check in with your body.  How has training felt this past month?  Are your shoes in need of replacement?  Have your training runs felt too hard or too easy?   Do you have any pain that could be cause for concern?  Make sure you know where you stand so you can correct any issues before they escalate.
  • Keep an eye on your nutrition.  Giving your body the right fuel is so key to having a good race, and it’s better to start taking care of yourself now!  Stay hydrated and give your body the right amount of nutrients every day to stay healthy.
  • Make sure you’re ready for race day.  If you’re traveling to Washington, DC like I am, finalize your traveling logistics ASAP!  Book your hotels and brunch reservations.  Know when you’ll head to the Expo.  And NEVER try new things like clothing, gadgets, or fuel on race day!  The last thing you want is to be stressed out and distracted in the final weeks or days before the race!
  • Trust your training.  It’s cliche, but it’s true!  There’s nothing like the excitement of crossing the start line,  but before you get there, you have to put in the work.  Don’t worry about missing a run or two (even though it’s tough sometimes!).  As long as you give your best effort on the runs you do complete, you’ll be well on your way for an awesome race!

The Cherry Blossom Run is almost here, I hope you’re getting excited!

If you’re interested in hearing more about my weekly training for the Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10 Mile Run, check out my blog, Run With No Regrets, or find me on Instagram!

Are you ready for Cherry Blossom?  How has your training been going so far?  

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