Bring Some Good Luck to Your Race

Good Luck Box is teaming up with the Credit Union Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run to bring you an extra shot of luck the week before the race. What is a Good Luck Box? It’s a selection of handpicked items from running experts to give you the edge before, during, and after an upcoming race. Boxes are tailored to the recipient and their race. In the case of the Cherry Blossom box, the contents will be specially chosen with a cherry blossom theme.

Good Luck Box came to the =PR= Reston Cherry Blossom Training kickoff run to show us a sample box and raffle it off to a lucky runner. There were items for:

A sneak-peek at a Good Luck Box (NOT the Cherry Blossom theme box)
A sneak-peek at a Good Luck Box     (NOT the Cherry Blossom theme box)

Before the Race: Good Luck pasta for carb-loading, Yogi bedtime tea to help you sleep, some good tips for rocking your race, Tiger Tail “Roadster” to get all the kinks out – it’s travel-sized to take on the road with you


During the Race: Body Glide to prevent chafing, Shoelaces that say “Good Luck” on the tips, for fueling – Honey Stinger waffle & Picky Bar (gluten-free!), Knockaround Sunglasses


After the Race: Action Wipes for post-race freshening, Sweat X Sport detergent to get the stink out of your race clothes, a celebratory drink koozie, and you’ll probably want to pull out that Tiger Tail again for those post-race muscle aches



The Cherry Blossom box will be different from this box that we previewed! I got some top-secret intel on a couple of the theme items and you will not be disappointed. To order a Cherry Blossom box for yourself or another lucky runner, click here. The boxes will arrive the week before the race to help motivate you, prepare you, and bring you good luck.

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