Advanced Degrees

Training for the Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run in the winter isn’t easy, especially when the temperature dips low, low, low. Recently I ran a 10K race in some very cold weather!


I needed help to get to this race. I needed some serious motivation, because staying snuggled under the covers where it was nice and warm was very tempting.  So I sent some texts and posted on Facebook and asked for help.

Some friends luckily (or unluckily?) came through. They made donations to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals based on the temperature at the time of the race!! One friend, who lives in Hawaii, donated the amount of money that would equal the degrees warmer he would need it to be to run!!

It felt great. And I was motivated to get out and run and give my best. Of course, I had a choice, but knowing people donated made the right choice easier.

But the kids and families that get help from Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals don’t have a choice.

It’s so great knowing people care. And I love taking a creative approach to fundraising.

What creative ways are you fundraising this year?

When you reach out to friends and family, don’t be afraid to add a little fun to your fundraising. Last year, I offered to do dares set by anyone who donated. I’m also planning to bring back a fun feature on my Facebook page called “Ask My Kids” where my kids give honest advice and answers to people for a donation to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

Share with us how you will add some fun to your fundraising!

About Elizabeth Pagel-Hogan

Elizabeth is a writing mom on the run and was one of two Social Runners from 2012-2013. Originally from Maryland, Elizabeth now runs up and down the hills of Pittsburgh, PA, where things (like rivers) come in threes. She loves triathlons, has published three books and has three sons! She runs her own writing business and finds that a good long run is often the source of her creative ideas. Elizabeth loves being married to a great runner who was a finisher at the 2013 Boston Marathon.

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