Your First 10 Miler

Training season is in full swing and we couldn’t be more excited! For many of you, this will be your first time running 10 miles. If you fall into this category, I commend you for taking on such a goal. For those of you taking on the CUCB 10 Miler again, welcome back! We’re glad to have you.

As race day approaches, it’s good to start thinking about race day logistics. Below are some tips to ensure you have a great race!

What to wear
Race day is not the day to try out that new pair of shoes or running top. Always stick with what you know works. Training runs are a great opportunity to test out your race day outfit. It’s better to find out on a training run that that particular pair of socks or running top is rubbing you the wrong way. Showing up on race day wearing the gear you know works will help reduce some of your pre-race jitters.

What to eat/drink on the run
Much like your running gear, it is important to stick with what you know works for you on race day. Some of you may have already started to experiment with eating/drinking on the run. If you have not, now is a good time to test some things out.  Most runners turn to electrolyte drinks and energy gels to replace what has been lost through sweat. Use your training runs to test out these products to find out what the best combination is for you.

Race day
This one is easy, finish. You’re going to run a personal best no matter what time you finish in, so don’t stress about time. Enjoy the sights and take pictures if you’re carrying a camera! The Credit Union Cherry Blossom course is beautiful and fingers crossed that the blossoms will be in full bloom!

Last and most important tip, HAVE FUN!!!!

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