Why I Love Running

This makes me laugh every time I see it:


It’s so true! We finally had a break in the weather here in Central PA last week, and I went out for my first training run of the season. I took a hiatus from running after my half marathon in September, so I knew not to expect it to be my best performance.

I hope I’m not alone when I say that during almost every single run  there comes a point when I think to myself, “Why in the world am I doing this.” But just as it never fails that that thought enters my head, it also never fails that I feel completely AWESOME after I’m done.

My first love is and probably always will be lifting weights, but there are a few things I truly do love about running (even if I don’t always think of them while running):

The Power of Using Your Entire Body – There are times while I run that I mentally “sit back”, and notice the sheer power that comes with setting your entire body in motion. It gives me a chance to fully appreciate the mechanics that go in to what is normally described as merely putting one foot in front of the other.

Sweating – It sounds weird, I know. But I’m normally not a “sweater”. When lifting I may break a slight one, but it’s only when running that I break out in to a full on sweat. And perhaps it’s mental, but I feel like it cleanses my pores AND my spirit.

“The Glow” – Tying nicely in to the above, lets talk about the glow that comes after a good run. This one may be directed more towards the ladies. I don’t know about you, but I love how my face looks perfectly sunkissed/flush for a few hours after a good run. It’s nature’s perfect blush.

The Scenery – Running outdoors is so addicting. One of my personal favorites it trail running. I love having to bob and weave my way through the woods.  And with the Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10 Mile Run in particular –  how can we NOT fall in love with the beautiful scenery that comes with running in our nation’s capital! The cherry blossoms, the monuments, the bridges, etc.

and last but certainly not least………..

Carb loading – is there really anything more that needs to be said? 🙂

See you out there!


Jenny is a 30-something working mom, wife, avid weight lifter, and four time half-marathoner who blogs at www.thewellnessjourneyblog.com.

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