Weather Permitting…

What do you do when there is snow and ice on the ground and you want to run? What if you do not have access to a treadmill? Well, that is what I am going through right now. What’s a girl to do? Crosstrain!

I have weights, bands, a box for jumps, jump rope, a muscle rope and more. Although the weather has kept me from running, it will not keep me from exercising. I have goals and I am making progress towards them. Old Man Winter is not going to hang around forever and I have races to run. Building strength will help me run faster and I have PR’s (Personal Records) that I want to surpass.



I have learned a lot this winter and the main thing is…Winter will not break me!

How do you keep training when winter tries to slow you down?

~Fran, @Flash_Fran

Francine has a love of family, fitness, fashion and fun.  She is on a journey to become a better runner, eat healthier, get fit as a family and show off her fashion sense all while having fun.  She is the mother of 2 boys, works full-time and is a recent grad. She believes that Hard Work = Results and staying Positive gets you there. 

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