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Cross-Training Ideas for Runners

While running is my main sport, I really love other types of fitness training too. It’s great because cross-training is really important when training for a race so I never have to completely give anything else up. Cross-training or doing other activities besides running helps build strength and flexibility, stops boredom, and prevents injury. It’s also very easy in these cold winter months to be convinced to workout indoors (where you can even wear shorts and pretend it’s not below-freezing outside!). Here are some of my favorite ways to cross-train:


  • Yoga: I love doing hot yoga and vinyasa yoga at least once a week. It is a great way for me to warm up my muscles and focus on lengthening and flexibility while also building strength. Sometimes the classes are more about my mental wellness and a relaxing rather than being strictly a workout.

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How I’m Training For The Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run

I know the official training programs for the Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run started in February, but that seemed too early for me to start training for a race that isn’t until April. Not to mention that training in the D.C. area in February this year meant braving icy or snowy trails or slogging it out on the treadmill. But, now it’s March, and the longer daylight hours–if not warmer weather–are reminding me that race day will be here soon.


I have a history of running injuries–plantar fascitis, ITB syndrome, piriformis syndrome–so I approach training for a race cautiously. No PR (personal record) is worth risking a DNS (did not start) due to injury.

I have found that running three days a week, doing strength training 3 days a week, and resting or doing a gentle yoga/stretching program on the other day works well for me.

This is what my typical training schedule looks likes:

Monday: 20-30 minutes elliptical, 30-40 minutes full body strength training
Tuesday: 45-60 minutes of running, usually a speed or hill workout (on alternating weeks)
Wednesday: 20-30 minutes elliptical, 30-40 minutes full body strength training
Thursday: 4-5 mile run
Friday: 20-30 minutes elliptical, 20-30 minutes upper body/back strength training
Saturday: long run (8-12 miles)
Sunday: gentle yoga or stretching program

For my strength training routines, I am focusing on exercises that are suggested for runners, like dead lifts, calf raises, squats, lunges, clamshells, planks, etc. On Friday I focus on upper body strength moves to give my legs a rest before my Saturday long run.

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Have you started following a training plan? 

Have you set a goal for race day?