Running Superstitions

Pink and Blue CloverWe’re several days into  the 2014 Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10 Mile Run lottery, and are crossing our laces for everyone tweeting us and commenting on Facebook to get selected for this year’s race!

There are 4 runners (and many 2013 volunteers and charity runners!) who do not have to rely on luck to get into this year’s CUCB: our 2 social runners, Doug and Francine, and (for the first time ever!) our two blog contributors, Jenny and Courtenay.

We’re pleased to introduce them to those of you who haven’t already “met” them online, and to share their responses to the question “Are you superstitious?”


Jenny is a mom, wife, avid weight lifter, and runner living and working in Central PA who blogs at

Is she superstitious?

If you had asked me BEFORE I started running, I would have said no. But I am when it comes to races! I never wear my race shirt until I’ve completed the race, and I always wear the same pair of “lucky” sunglasses when running!

Courtenay is an attorney, wife, mom (empty-nester) and runner in Alexandria, Virginia, who blogs at “Running With Perseverance,”

Is she superstitious?

I don’t think of myself as being superstitious, but when I am at the mercy of the luck of the draw, I probably do cross my fingers, think positive thoughts, and say a quick prayer! That approach has worked for me with the CUCB, since I was lucky enough to get in through the lottery for the past two years. So, fingers crossed…

Social Runners

Francine works in banking, is the mother of 2 boys, and a runner in Delaware, who blogs at

Is she superstitious?

I am superstitious.  I cross my fingers before I hit enter on any lottery race.  Good luck and cross those fingers! 

Doug is a runner and parallel parking champ from Washington, DC who blogs at

Is he superstitious?

I do not have any superstitions but I believe in good fortune.

3 thoughts on “Running Superstitions

  1. My one running superstition dates waaay back to high school, it’s called Lucky Leaves. If you’re running and catch a falling leaf in midair, you earn a wish. I don’t have too many pre-race superstitions, but I do think there is a decent amount of luck involved in running, that’s for sure.

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