Runner Spotlight: Lynn MacGillivray

Lynn (in pink) and me (Kim) celebrating Lynn’s triumph over a strained calf during the Across the Bay 10K
Lynn (in pink) and me (Kim) celebrating Lynn’s triumph over a strained calf during the Across the Bay 10K


Lynn and I met during Potomac River Running 101 training in 2013. I have watched Lynn gain confidence and blossom as a runner over the last 18 months as she has tackled 5Ks, a 4-miler, and her first 10K. I am so excited to be a part of her journey as she trains for the Credit Union Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run – the farthest distance she has ever run. 
When did you begin running and why? I did not begin running earnestly until recently. Although it was something I have wanted to do most of my adult life, I never believed it was something I could do, but quietly tried and tried on my own with little progress (which only confirmed that it was something I would never do). A friend at work convinced me to join her in the PR Running 101 program which led to meeting so many inspiring women, coaches, mentors, and friends and all of a sudden running became a real option for me. Although the physical benefits are wonderful, the mental benefits, social aspects, and sense of accomplishment are what bring me the most joy.
What is your proudest running moment? Your weirdest? My proudest moment was finishing my first 10K. My weirdest / funniest was being stuck for 30 minutes on top of the Bay Bridge with a strained calf, three of my best running buddies, a very cute (young and confused) police officer and an overwhelming desire to get to the finish line.
Why did you sign up for the Credit Union Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run Training Program with Potomac River Running? Having done other PR training programs I could not imagine even attempting the Credit Union Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run without their expert training, guidance and encouragement. Having never run this distance before I am looking forward to their expertise on everything from running form, stretching, nutrition and many topics I have yet to discover.
Have you run the Credit Union Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run before? This will be my first 10 mile run.
What is your “why” for running the 2015 the Credit Union Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run? Seeing other people in the PR 101 training program progress to this race gave me the confidence to consider it as something I could do. This race quickly became THE race on my bucket list. The historical significance of the location, the time of year, and the beauty of the surroundings are just a few of things that make the Credit Union Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run so exciting to look forward to.
What is your goal for the 2015 Credit Union Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run? To stay ahead of the sweeper; I am already having nightmares! Seriously, I really believe that after completing the PR training program I will have the confidence and tools to have what I believe will be an awesome running experience, a great time with other runners, and being it will be my first 10 mile run I am guaranteed a PR (personal record)!
Do you have a running mantra? What is it and what does it mean to you? Start slow and relax. One of the women in the Reston Runners Best Foot Forward group shared that a coach once had her write “RELAX” on her arm before a big race. I did a version of this on my next race (wrote it on my finger). As I glanced at it while running I expected to just see the word, but it became so much more. It immediately brought memories of all the hard work and training I have been putting in, but more importantly, it brought to mind all the awesome women I have met who have been inspiring, encouraging, and who believed in me even when I did not believe in myself.
If you could use only one word to express what running means to you, what would it be? Life-changing (can I use two words?)
What is your favorite New Balance running gear? My 1260v4 running shoes. Not only are they comfortable with great cushioning, they are neon orange. Although it took a couple of runs for me to notice something other than my feet, I absolutely love them!
What is a fun/interesting fact you learned about Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals? That it started with a 1983 telethon and was founded by Marie Osmond, John Schneider, Mick Shannon and Joe Lake.

~ Kimberly, @KimberWestrich Kim will be coaching the PR Cherry Blossom Training Program at Reston in 2015 and is excited to share her enthusiasm for all things Cherry Blossom, which was her first BIG race in 2014. When she isn’t running, she is tackling the nation’s health care issues in her job as a health care services researcher for a non-profit association.

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Elizabeth is a writing mom on the run and was one of two Social Runners from 2012-2013. Originally from Maryland, Elizabeth now runs up and down the hills of Pittsburgh, PA, where things (like rivers) come in threes. She loves triathlons, has published three books and has three sons! She runs her own writing business and finds that a good long run is often the source of her creative ideas. Elizabeth loves being married to a great runner who was a finisher at the 2013 Boston Marathon.

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