Counting Down To The Credit Union Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run

Welcome to the blog for the Credit Union Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run! Between now and race day, we will be sharing our advice and insights with the aim of motivating you and getting you excited for “The Runner’s Rite of Spring”®


This year you we are excited to have Kim, Lauren, and Richard as our Race Ambassadors and Courtney and Janelle as our Social Runners. You also will hear from Elizabeth, our Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals Fundraising Team Captain, Molly, our Social Media Team Coordinator, and me, editor for the Credit Union Cherry Blossom Blog.

You can read more about us on the bio page, but in the meantime we are sharing our answers to a short running survey. We’d love to see your answers in the comments!

Cherry Blossom Running Survey

1. How long have you been running?

Kim: 28 years.
Lauren: I played soccer and some basketball in high school but didn’t pick up just running until after college. 5 years ago I trained for and ran my first 5K, and the rest is history!
Tai Fung: I ran a ton in middle school and high school, usually a mile to/from the old “Myrtle Square Mall,” which had an arcade I loved visiting.  Eventually, I found an old copy of “The Complete Book of Running,” and started to run daily on the beach.  So I was a runner from an early age, until after college, when I took a break until my 30s.  Now, in this “phase” of running, I’ve been at it 10 years.
Courtney: I ran high school track and then picked it up again about 9 years ago! But I didn’t start running marathons until 2013.
Janelle: I ran one year of track in high school but I started consistently running long distances 5 years ago.

2. Why did you start running?

Kim: I started running to lose the “freshman 15” in college, and kept running when I discovered how much I enjoyed it and how happy it made me.
Lauren: I started by running on a treadmill because it seemed like an obvious way to start exercising to get in shape and lose a little weight. I set a goal for myself to run a 5K which committed me to running.
Tai Fung: I started running because I just couldn’t get to the arcade fast enough! 😉  Then, slowly, I started to realize I wasn’t horrible at it.  The bug bit, so to speak.
Courtney: It was familiar (since I ran in high school) and I liked setting and accomplishing goals.
Janelle: I wanted to challenge myself in a new way.  I had done a few stair climbing races and wanted to see if I’d be able to run 10 miles.  The Broad Street Run in Philadelphia was my first race.

3. What’s the farthest you’ve traveled for a race?

Kim: Philadelphia.
Lauren: I traveled to Washington State and Oregon to run the Hood to Coast relay race in 2014.
Tai Fung: Disney World to complete the (then unsanctioned) Dopey Challenge in 2010.  42.4 miles in 3 days!
Courtney: Western New York State.
Janelle: D.C. for the Credit Union Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run!

4. When the weather outside is frightful, do you suck it up, hit the treadmill or stay in bed?

Kim: I suck it up outside if I have someone to run with me and share the suck – it’s not so bad when you are running with 20 =PR= Training runners and then you can collectively share the photographic evidence and whine/brag about it on social media afterwards. If I’m solo, I hit the treadmill in my basement and binge-watch something distracting and entertaining.
Lauren: Honestly it depends on the day for me and how many miles I have. I’m a wimp with the weather but if it’s a longer run or I’m training for something I’ll find some friends and rally to go on a run outside. I just have to bundle up and definitely make plans for some post-run coffee or hot cocoa!
Tai Fung: I’d almost always rather run outside than on a treadmill.  The only exception is a lot of ice, in which case I will often swim or just take a rest day.  (Note:  “Swim” means, “Stay Warm Inside, Munching”)
Courtney: Suck it up! Training through all the elements helps get you ready for race day and makes you tough! I also don’t have a treadmill, so that’s not an easy option for me.
Janelle: That’s when I WANT to go outside and run!  It makes me feel strong to know that I can face any weather.  And it’s never as bad as you think it will be out there!

5. If you could give a new runner one piece of advice, what would it be?

Kim: Don’t get discouraged by a “bad” run. We all have them, sometimes for no reason. If there was a reason, figure out what it was and adjust for next time. If there wasn’t a reason, let it go and start fresh on the next run–it most likely will be better.

Lauren: I would definitely recommend going to a running store and getting fitted for a new pair of running shoes. Also if you are a lady, go to a running store and get help picking out a sports bra that is the correct size and correct support level to make running comfortable!

Tai Fung: Get fitted for a good pair of shoes from the very start, but know that your sizing/type will vary as you run.  You might go from over/under pronating to a neutral runner, or vice versa.  You need to be fitted about every 3rd or 4th time you go get new shoes.  People have annual visits at the doctor, you owe it to yourself to do that at a running store too!

Courtney: Take the time to let someone at PR Running look at your gait and hook you up with some shoes! It’s so worth it!

Janelle:  Don’t give up…be patient!  It takes time to get comfortable as you learn how to run.  Keep running and you will improve over time with consistency.

So there you have it! Don’t look to us for excuses about running in bad weather, but we’ll happily accompanying you to buy new running shoes.
What about you, how would you answer this running survey? 

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  1. Just checking in to say that I like seeing people’s answers to surveys like these, so if you’re reading, please respond with your own answers. Really, this is all a rather desperate attempt to not work, so help me out. 😉

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